Spiritist Journey in 1862

Spiritist Journey in 1862

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When Allan Kardec set out for his historical journey of 1862 not even he could have foreseen the immense growth Spiritism would undergo in France after its introduction with the publication of The Spirits’ Book in Paris just five years before. In a time when there was neither radio nor any other means of mass communication except for the printed word, his achievements were remarkable for the standards of the time. Offering some rare glimpses into the Codifier’s way of thinking, this book covers some practical aspects of the nascent Spiritism while keenly narrating its quiet triumph against formidable odds and opposition.

About the Authors

Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail, known to most by his pseudonym Allan Kardec, was born in Lyon, France on October 3, 1804 in a traditional family that was greatly distinguished in the legal profession and court system. However, he did not pursue those careers and from an early age showed an inclination towards the studies of science and philosophy. Educated in the renowned School of Pestalozzi in Yverdun, Switzerland, Allan Kardec became one of the most eminent pupils of that celebrated teacher and one of the most zealous advertisers of the educational system that would later be of great influence in the reform of the educational system in France and Germany.

Allan Kardec is considered the Codifier of the Spiritist Doctrine for his work on the five books of the Codification—"The Spirits’ Book," "The Mediums’ Book," "The Gospel According to Spiritism," "Heaven and Hell," and "Genesis: Miracles and Predictions According to Spiritism."

Book Information

Title: Spiritist Journey in 1862
Author(s): Allan Kardec
Language: English
Source: Translated material from the original French edition
Translation: Helton Mattar Mnoteiro
Revision: Jussara Korngold
Publisher: United States Spiritist Council (USSC)
Location: New York, NY, USA
Publication Date: July 28, 2019 (1st edition)
Number of pages: 136
ISBN(10): 1-948109-14-X (paperback version)
ISBN(13): 978-1-948109-14-7 (paperback version)
Book size (W×H×T): 5½" × 8½" × ⅜" (13.9cm × 21.5cm × 0.8cm)
Print type: Black font on white background
Book format(s): Paperback

Original Material

Title: Voyage Spirite en 1862
Publisher: Ledoyen
Location: Paris, France
Publication Date: 1862
Language: French