Workers of the Life Eternal

Workers of the Life Eternal

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This book is part of the André Luiz Collection: Life in the Spiritual World, book IV.


Five people, who have devoted their entire lives to the practice of the good, are at the end of their physical lives. Due to their merit, they are entitled to the help of a spiritual rescue team. The spiritual author André Luiz, tells about his experience as a member of the team. This is an enthralling narrative that reveals details of the tasks performed by spirits at the moment of the death of the physical body.

In this book, André Luiz confirms the principles revealed by the Spiritist Doctrine regarding the existence of the spiritual world, where discarnate spirits dwell, living a new life while preparing to return once again to the earthly journey.

"…Death does not extinguish friendly cooperation, mutual support, comforting intercession or the evolutionary endeavor. The vibratory dimensions of the universe are infinite, as infinite as are the worlds that populate the immensity of space."

About the Author(s)

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Bibliographic Information
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Book format(s): Paperback
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Title: Obreiros da Vida Eterna
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