Into the Unseen: Spiritism and Mediumship

Into the Unseen:
Spiritism and Mediumship

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For the first time in English, this legendary book tells it all about the spiritual world and its manifestations. From Europe to the UK, and all over the US, not forgetting places as unusual as Brazil, and from the distant past of humanity, "Into the Unseen" does justice to them all, while revealing Léon Denis’ very personal take on Spiritism and New Spiritualism in general. The book produces a fascinating narrative, and it is backed by a plethora of extraordinary cases thoroughly researched by the author.

Léon Denis deserves a distinctive place among the great apostles of Spiritism, particularly as the logical follower of Allan Kardec. Although he approached all three components of Spiritism—science, philosophy, and religion—he devoted most of his works to the philosophical aspects of the Spiritist Doctrine.

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