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[Back cover] "I approached her and noticed she felt my presence… I touched her and she shivered… I grabbed her arms and they became my arms. I got a little dizzy and she swayed. I thought and she responded. I lifted her and we walked together… Then, through her I slapped his face, crazy with hatred, overjoyed to find her insane with me, the two of us acting as one. And we are still one, and we’re going to remain so."
This is, in his own words, how a discarnate spirit took possession of a high society girl exactly on her fifteenth birthday party.
The party breaks up, naturally, and the girl is committed to a mental hospital. Had she become insane of mad, according to the usual standards of behavior? Or was she possessed by an evil spirit? Should she be submitted to the orthodox medical routine for such cases, or else should she be exorcized?
This book tells her story. Why she had become involved in the process, exposing herself to her plight and what a dedicated group of both incarnate and discarnate people did to release not only her, but also those who became entangled with her in an ugly story way back in a previous incarnation.
About the Authors:
Divaldo Pereira Franco is one of the best known contemporary orators and mediums, a faithful and indefatigable messenger of the word of Christ through the consoling and hopeful lessons of the Spiritist Doctrine. He has psychographed almost 200 works of various spirits, many of which have already been translated into other languages, bringing the light of the Gospel to all five continents.
Manoel Philomeno de Miranda was a physician born in Conde, state of Bahia, Brazil on November 14, 1876 and died in the city of Salvador, capital of the same state, on July 14, 1942. He was introduced to Spiritism in 1914 by the medium Saturnino Favila and later became a member of the União Espírita Baiana ("Spiritist Union of Bahia"), now Federação Espírita do Estado da Bahia ("Spiritist Federation of the State of Bahia"), which was founded in 1915. He worked as a coordinator at mediumistic meetings and from 1921 until his death, he became an active member in the board of directors of UEB. Under a pseudonym, he published many works in defense of the Spiritist Doctrine. In 1950, 8 years after his death, the Brazilian medium Francisco C. Xavier psychographed a message signed by Manoel Philomeno de Miranda to another Brazilian medium, Divaldo P. Franco. However, it was not until 1970 that the spirit of Manoel Philomeno de Miranda would start to dictate public works by the hand of the medium Divaldo P. Franco, particularly in the area of disobsession, which had been his work during his physical life. This partnership brought to the public several works, especially on the theme of obsession, which focused on broadening our understanding of the topic and provided support for other mediumistic work developed at many other spiritist centers in Brazil.

From the Publisher:
Title: Obsession
Author(s): Divaldo P. Franco and Manoel Philomeno de Miranda (Spirit)
Language: English
Source: Translated material from the original edition
Translation: Ely J. Donato and Hermínio C. Miranda
Publisher: Livraria Espírita Alvorada Editora (LEAL)
Location: Salvador – BA, Brazil
Publication Date: 2004 (2nd edition)
Number of pages: 240

Book size: (H×W×T)
Print type: Black font on white background
Book format(s): Paperback only

Original Material:
Title: Obsessão
Publisher: Livraria Espírita Alvorada Editora (LEAL)
Location: Salvador – BA, Brazil
Publication Date: 1974
Language: Brazilian Portuguese