Jesus in the Home

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[Back cover] This book contains lessons taught by Jesus during meetings at Simon Peter’s house, where the first Christian home worship was held. It addresses themes such as love for one’s neighbor, the value of service, compassion, education, etc. It demonstrates the ongoing relevance of the evangelical message. Easy to understand by all age groups, it emphasizes the need for one’s inner reform by renewing one’s thoughts, actions, postures and attitudes, thereby seeking to adjust them to authentic Christian morality. The weekly gathering around the Gospel is one of the most useful practices Christians can take part in. It is recommended that "Jesus in the Home" be used in conjunction with "The Gospel According to Spiritism," "The Spirits’ Book," or any other book chosen by the group.
About the Authors:
Francisco de Paula Cândido Xavier, or affectionately "Chico" Xavier, was born on April 2, 1910 in Pedro Leopoldo, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. He became recognized as the expressive worker of Spiritism through his mediumship as well as in the field of assistance, social, and spiritual promotion of human beings. Through psychography he published 409 books that have sold an estimated 25 million copies, the profits of which have all been channeled to charitable organizations. He discarnated on June 30, 2002.

From the Publisher:
Title: Jesus in the Home
Author(s): Francisco C. Xavier and Néio Lúcio (Spirit)
Language: English
Source: Translated material from the original edition
Number of pages: 188