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This book explains that money is actually a neutral tool in all human endeavors and that it is our stewardship that actually grants it a constructive outcome. It is a collection of thoughts on the importance of money in our lives.

As such, Emmanuel brilliantly shows us that it is our free will that ultimately determines the consequences of what money can do for ourselves and for society in general. Whether used to create jobs and employment, which ultimately gives human beings the ability to provide for themselves, or to improve social and intellectual development, money retains a remarkable similarity to blood: it is only useful when in circulation, and it is vital for progress and the perpetuity of our society. To understand its importance is first and foremost to learn how it can be employed to generate progress for all, thereby being able to transform the earthly coins into heavenly ones.


About the Authors

Francisco de Paula Cândido Xavier was born in Pedro Leopoldo–MG, Brazil on April 2, 1910 and died in Uberaba–MG, Brazil on June 30, 2002. Affectionately known as &uot;Chico" Xavier, he was a Brazilian medium and philanthropist, and one of the most important advocates of Spiritism. Through his mediumship, he channeled 468 books and he is the most successful Brazilian writer of all times with over fifty million copies sold. All proceedings from his works were officially donated to institutions of assistance during his lifetime. He also psychographed approximately ten thousand letters without having ever charged anything from the recipients. Francisco Xavier continues to receive many honors and accolades in Brazil and in other countries, even after his passing; he was nominated for the Nobel prize for peace in 1981 and 1982.


From the Publisher:
Title: Money
Author(s): Francisco Xavier and Emmanuel (Spirit)
Language: English
Source: Translated from the original Brazilian Portuguese edition
Translation: Carlos Dias and Vanessa Anseloni
Revision: John DeRosa
Publisher: United States Spiritist Council
Location: U.S.A.
Publication Date: July, 2015 (1st edition)
Number of pages: 197
ISBN(10): 1-51463-512-4 (paperback version)
ISBN(13): 978-1-51463-512-4 (paperback version)
Book size (H×W×T): 6" × 4" × ⅜" (15.2cm × 10.2cm × 1.1cm)
Print type: Black font on white background
Book format(s): Paperback only


Original Materials:
Titles: Dinheiro
Publication Dates: 1986
Language: Brazilian Portuguese