Chico Xavier:
His Life Through Paintings

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In honor of the centennial anniversary of the birth of the Spiritist medium Francisco Cândido Xavier (1910–2002), the exhibition “Chico Xavier: 100 Years” brings together 38 works in oil on canvas by the artist Napoleão Figueiredo about characters and events that marked the life of the most important medium of all times, who was born in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The paintings of Figueiredo were based on photographs, eyewitness accounts, pictures, and other historical sources. The curator and film producer, Oceano Vieira de Mello, carefully arranged them. Mr. Vieira de Mello, has been researching the life of Chico Xavier and the history of Spiritism in Brazil and abroad for over 20 years.

From the Publisher:
Title: Chico Xavier: His Life through Paintings
Author: [Oceano Vieira de Mello (curator)]
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: March 16, 2011
Number of pages: 92
Language: English
Translation: Jussara Korngold, João Korngold, and Debi Caron
ISBN(10): 1-46100-787-9
ISBN(13): 978-1-46100-787-6
Book size: 7⅘” × 7⅜” × ⅓” (19.8cm × 19.7cm × 0.8cm) (H×W×T)
Print type: Color on glossy, photographic-quality paper
Book format(s): Paperback
Original Title: Chico Xavier: 100 Anos
Original Language: Brazilian Portuguese