Spiritism: Mediumship Q and A

Below is a growing list of questions and answers to help clarify certain aspects of mediumship.
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1- What is a medium?
A medium is anyone who possess the ability to perceive the spirit world in any way. Since such awareness is found in everyone, Spritism teaches that ‘we are all mediums’. Now, for the sake of clarity, when Spiritism talks about mediumship it refers to the person who’s awareness of the Spirit world has reached a level in which the person is conscious of the phenomena and in which direct, controlled spirit communication is at least a possibility. In all mediumship phenomena the medium is just the messenger for the communication and not the author.

2- How does this awareness occur?
The spirit world is a series of dimensions existing in different vibrations than that of our own material world. A medium, to put it very simply, is like a radio that can be in tune to different radio frequencies (dimensions) under particular circumstances. This particular type of awareness is like any other of our senses.

3- Why are some more in tune to the spirit world than others?
A person’s mediumship development is a natural part of a spirit’s evolution, occurring slowly during the long process of incarnation, death and reincarnation. So when an individual’s mediumship development has reached a certain level, during the person’s next incarnation the ability will show itself.

4- So being an active medium means I am more evolved than those who are not?
That very much depends on what you mean by ‘more evolved’. Certainly being an active medium means that in your long development of the ability, you have finally reached a certain point. But if by the phrase ‘more evolved’ you mean more ethically, morally or spiritually evolved, then the answer is no. A person’s mediumship development does not reflect their evolution in any other aspect of their being. Anyone, from the most ethical, to the most unethical individual can develop mediumship ability. You should see mediumship like any other ability, like a talent for sports, music or carpentry, any person can possess such gifts, but that in no way implies a high, or low level of ethical or spiritual growth.

5- If mediumship has nothing to do with a person’s spirit or ethical evolution, then why is the ability part of our overall evolution?
We all are in the process of developing mediumship abilities because it is a vital tool for learning and the expiation of past errors. Developing a greater awareness of God and of the rest of the universe is a perfectly reasonable and necessary step in the evolution of any intelligent being.

6- What do you mean when you say mediumship is a tool for learning?
Any tool or experience that is a part of our lives is a critical part of the learning process. Mediumship is a tool that we can use freely, and so how we use this ability will be a direct reflection of our ethical growth, and of the vital lessons we have yet to learn. Just like with any person in school, learning happens from understanding both the successes and the failures.

7- Are you saying that mediumship has a right and wrong way of using it, and that we learn from using it correctly and incorrectly too?
Exactly! The right way of using mediumship is based on the same reasonable standard as in making any other ethical choice.

You misuse mediumship when you use it to exploit others, to cause harm, for self indulgence, exploitation, abuse, manipulation and as a tool for violence.

And you use the tool correctly when you use it to help others, to bring enlightenment, and to give selflessly without any personal gain.

The way we use our mediumship and the consequences of these uses will make us directly aware of our virtues and our faults.

8- Did I understand right, did you just say that mediumship can not be used for any personal gain?
You can use your mediumship in whatever way you wish; we all have freedom of choice. But ideally, the ability does the most good when profit, greed and self-service do not interfere with the process of helping others.

Think about how destructive a profit motive can be for example for a charitable or religious organization, or for a government. In this same way the goal of personal gain will warp any attempt to use the ability to do only good.

9-This makes no sense, I have every right to make a living from all my abilities, how can it be wrong to make money from my mediumship?
As I said before you are free to take any path you wish in life. But just because you can do something does not mean that you should. This is a matter of ethical principle; you stand up for a principle and make the needed self-sacrifices, when you feel that the principle is worth that sacrifice.

It is important to understand something, when you choose to use your ability for unselfish good, because of the divine charity of God, you will find opportunities for making a living in other ways not related to your mediumship.

Of course, if your only real motives are wealth and power, then the fastest way to those goals will be using your mediumship for profit and exploitation. But it is also important to understand that every action has a consequence and that using mediumship for exploitation and personal gain will have equally negative consequences.

10- In question 5 you said that mediumship is also a tool for making amends for past errors, can you explain?
A vital part of our long-term ethical evolution is by making amends for past errors. Once we reach a point in our learning process in which we become aware that a particular action is wrong, the time then comes for us to make up for all the times in our past incarnations when we took that wrong course of action and harmed others.

How we can go about making amends for those past errors are many. Using a mediumship ability is certainly one of these ways.

A Mediumship gift is not easy; it is a life long commitment that will complicate ones lives in every way imaginable. So using this ability to unselfishly help others is all the more a merit and ethical act. Every time a medium helps someone unselfishly that medium is wiping away many past errors, confirming that the ethical lessons have been learned and taking immense leaps in their spiritual evolution.

11- So mediumship is a burden?
A mediumship gift is like any other difficult path in our lives. It has low moments but it also has great moments of joy, which quickly make the past difficulties worthwhile.

For a medium that chooses to use their gift unselfishly, the rewards are many. Helping others, and being a messenger through which enlightened spirits communicate brings a level of happiness and personal satisfaction that is beyond words.

12- So the way you use your mediumship has to do with the kind of spirits that communicate through you?
Of course! In life the way you conduct yourself and treat others will directly determine the kind of people that are attracted to you and the kind of people that are repulsed by you.

A medium who fights to live an ethical life in spite of the many temptations, will attract helpful and wise spirits who will assist and provide guidance in this chosen path. Just as mediums who use their gift to fulfill their material, selfish impulses will attract selfish, deceitful, impulsive spirits who will use the medium to do harm and do harm to the medium in the process.

13- Tell me about these helpful wise spirits that guide some mediums?
These mediums that have chosen a path of self-sacrifice and charity, will attract spirits who are also on this path of enlightenment. This does not mean that all the spirits attracted to this medium are perfect (very evolved). The spirit world, like the material world, is filled with individuals who are in different levels of evolution. But the point is that the intentions of the spirits attracted are positive ones.

Once a medium who has chosen this positive path, has been tested and has shown that he/she is willing to make this a life long journey, another kind of spirit will join the ‘good spirits’ already attracted to the medium. They are called spirit teachers; these spirits have reached a high level of ethical evolution and will come only when they see that the medium is both willing and able to carry out an important task. Spirit teachers use every opportunity to communicate God’s love and enlightenment to those of us on earth, and will from this point on teach and use the medium for this wonderful task.

This does not mean that the medium who is a messenger for spirit teachers is now more evolved than any other incarnated person. Again, mediumship does not reflect a person’s evolution, but if a medium is an instrument for more evolved spirits then it does reflect the devotion this medium has shown to doing good and to the steadiness of his/her own personal ethical growth.

14- Tell me about these selfish, hurtful spirits that use some mediums?
A medium who has chosen the path of impulse, personal gain and exploitation will attract spirits who share the same goals. And just like in material life, ‘there is no honor among thieves’, these destructive spirits will use the willing medium for these negative goals and at the same time bring great harm to the medium, just for the enjoyment that doing such harm will bring.

15- I’ve read that mediums have no control over the spirits that communicate through them, is this true?
In the previous questions I have explained how the mediums chosen way of life decide what kind of spirit is attracted to them, and that is clearly a tool of control available to any medium. But the medium also has full control every single time that they allow a spirit to communicate through them.

Let me clarify. A spirit tries to communicate and the medium has to decide to allow the communication or to not allow the communication.
– If the medium is attracted to spirits on the path to enlightenment, then the medium will instinctively recognize this type of spirit and allow it to communicate. Or recognize that this is not that kind of spirit and refuse to allow it to communicate.
– If the medium is attracted to spirits who are very ignorant, hurtful and destructive then the medium will decide to allow the communication with this kind of spirit. When a destructive spirit communicates through a sympathetic medium, the medium is forced to endure terrible physical traumas, sometime outwardly visible, and sometimes not outwardly noticeable. This trauma usually leads to short term memory loss. Just like someone who has been in a car accident, the medium who has allowed a destructive spirit to communicate awakens from the experience not recalling exactly what happened. This makes it easy to excuse what has just happened to ‘forces beyond their control’.

16- So mediums are always in control, but what about spirit possession?
Spirit possession is a myth, what happens is that an ignorant medium sometimes gives permission for a spirit to communicate for long periods of time (obsession). And the resulting chaos is misunderstood as a possession. But at no point is the medium invaded by a spirit, nor does the medium ever not have the ability to end the communication.

For all mediums, the kind of spirits they allow to communicate is determined by their own maturity, level of ethical growth and good decision-making skills.

17- Once a medium has allowed a spirit to communicate, is the medium responsible for what happens next?
Yes. At all times the medium is responsible for his/her actions (the kind of spirits he/she allows to communicate and for the consequences of his/her actions (the good or harm the spirit does through him/her).

To clarify, the spirit is certainly responsible for what he/she does through a medium, but the medium always bares equal responsibility for what happens. Both the medium and spirit are equally accomplices in whatever good and harm comes from the communication.

18- How can a medium tell the difference between a helpful and hurtful spirit when the time comes for a spirit to communicate?
This question require a detailed answer, the below is taken directly from “The Mediums’ Book”, Chapter X, ‘The Nature of Spirit Communications’.

” If we bear in mind the infinite variety that exists among Spirits, under the double aspect of intelligence and of morality, we perceive that a corresponding diversity must exist in their communications, which necessarily reflect the elevation or the backwardness of the Spirits by whom they are made; and that the quality of their ideas, their degree of knowledge or of ignorance, their virtues and their vices, will be evidenced by the communications which emanate from them, and which no more resemble each other than do, among men, those of the savage and the most enlightened European. But all the shades presented by Spirit-communications may be grouped into four principal categories; according to their most salient characteristics, they may be designated as coarse, frivolous, serious, and instructive.

Coarse communications are those which shock propriety. They can only proceed from Spirits at a very low stage of development, still soiled with the impurities of materiality. They are in no way different from the utterances of coarse and vicious men, and are revolting to every one who has the least delicacy of sentiment; being trivial, obscene, insolent, arrogant, malevolent, or even impious, according to the character of the Spirits who make them.

Frivolous communications emanate from Spirits who are frivolous, mischievous, and keen to trickery, rather than wicked, and who attach no importance to what they say. As there is nothing unseemly in their communications, they amuse persons who take pleasure in futile talk. Such Spirits, however, sometimes come down upon their interlocutors with clever, biting sallies, throwing off, in the midst of commonplace jokes, hard truths which often hit the mark. These frivolous Spirits are around us in swarms, and take every opportunity of mixing themselves up with the communications of other Spirits. Having no respect for veracity, they take a mischievous pleasure in hoaxing those who have the weakness or presumption to believe in them. Those who amuse themselves with such communications naturally give access to foolish and deceptive Spirits; while, at the same time, they repel serious ones, who, like serious men, avoid the society of the unreasoning and the giddy.

Serious communications are distinguished by the gravity of the subjects of which they treat, and by the seriousness of their tone. Every communication exempt from coarseness and frivolity, and having in view a useful object, even though it be of merely private interest, may be classed as ‘serious’, but nevertheless, it may not be exempt from error. Serious Spirits are not all equally enlightened; there are many things of which they are ignorant, and concerning which they may be mistaken. For this reason, Spirits who are really superior constantly advise us to submit all communications to the test of examination and reason.

It is therefore imperatively necessary to distinguish between communications that are seriously true and communications that are seriously false. This is not always easy, for it is often under the guise of seriousness that presumptuous and superficial Spirits seek to foist upon us their erroneous ideas and absurd theories, unscrupulously assuming the most honored and even the most venerated names, in order the more effectually to impose upon us, a method of deception which constitutes one of the most dangerous stumbling blocks of practical Spiritism…..

Instructive communications are those which are not only serious, but also convey the teachings of Superior Spirits on points of science, morality, philosophy, etc. They are more or less profound in proportion to the elevation and dematerialization of the communicating Spirit. In order to reap benefit from such communications, they must be followed up with regularity and perseverance. Serious Spirits attach themselves to those who desire instruction, and assist them, but those who see in these manifestations a source of passing amusement are left by them to the companionship of Spirits as frivolous as themselves. It is only by the regularity and frequency of such communications that we can appreciate the moral and intellectual worth of the Spirits with whom we thus hold conversation, and the degree of confidence which they deserve. If experience is necessary in order to form a true estimate of men, it is, if possible, still more necessary in forming a true estimate of Spirits.

In applying to these communications the qualification of instructive, we imply that they are true; for what is not true can never be instructive, though expressed in the most imposing language. We therefore do not include in this category certain teachings which have nothing serious about them but their high-flown and pretentious style by which Spirits possessed of more presumption than philosophy endeavor to mislead. But such Spirits, being unable to disguise their shallowness are incapable of keeping up their false assumptions for any length of time; they soon betray their weak side if we continue to converse with them and ply them with questions which compel them to show their incompetence. “

To paraphrase the biblical passage ‘ you know a tree by its fruit’. You will learn to recognize what kind of spirit that is trying to communicate with you by the ‘feeling’ you get from the spirit, the way the spirit communicates, the type of message the spirit wants to communicate and the willingness of the spirit to respect you and your free will.

19- What kind of preparations does a medium need to keep away the ignorant spirits and to use this gift for good?
Again, others have explained it better, below are exerts from: Eliseu Rigonatti books: Development of Mediumship, Qualities of a Good Medium, Mediumship Without Tears, and Studying Mediumship. Sao Paulo: Editora Pensamento Ltda

Seriousness in purpose and use of the mediumship: The serious mediums understand that their faculty has been given to them as a gift by which they can progress spiritually, through their assistance to those in need (both incarnate and discarnate) and in their cooperation in the dissemination of the instructive and inspiring messages. Therefore, they only use their faculties for good and useful ends. They do not exploit their brethren of the Spirit realm with requests for help in material matters or inferior spiritual desires, nor do they exercise their faculty to satisfy the curious and indifferent or for any other futile purpose.

Modesty / Humility: The Spirits teach us that pride is the most influential moral imperfection and continuously warn their students of its signs and consequences. In avoiding the downfalls caused by pride, the good medium remembers that he/she is only a simple instrument of others employed under Gods’ will and therefore does not assume any merit for the communications that he/she receives or for the healing energies that he/she helps bring to another. He/she also recognizes that he/she is not infallible and when duped by deceitful Spirits, he/she understands that this happened due to a fault in his/her character or some error in his/her conduct. The humble medium is willing to regularly practice self-criticism in order to recognize his/her own mistakes and avoid becoming unbalanced (through excessive enthusiasm, apathy toward results, or being at mercy of unenlightened Spirits who may plan for his failure). In addition to practicing self-criticism, the good medium is also open to constructive criticism from trust-worthy friends and mentors, and even seeks out advice and mentoring.

Continuous Vigilance: Like any Spiritist, the Spiritist medium can be recognized by his/her efforts toward inner reform. The good medium takes care to be vigilant of his/her thoughts and actions, recognizing the power they have to determine what kind of invisible beings accompany and influence him/her, and in the medium’s case, communicate through him/her. This medium seeks to develop the qualities that attract good spirits, such as kindness, good-will, love of the neighbor, and detachment from earthly things, while working to overcome any tendencies or momentary weakness in characteristics that repel good spirits, such as pride, vanity, selfishness, jealousy, hatred, greed, and attachment to the

Perseverance: A perseverant medium, understanding that the development and exercise of his/her faculty requires time and patience, will not become discouraged by the obstacles that arise or the time that it takes him/her to develop his/her mediumship in a proper way. If for some reason a medium’s faculty has been suspended, he/she will look inside him/herself for the cause and wait patiently for when he/she is allowed (by the spiritual authority that he/she respects) to resume his/her work.

Devotion: A devoted medium is willing to sacrifice his/her time, energy, habits, pleasures, etc. in benefit of others who suffer. He/she also recognizes that as a worker of God, and without discrediting any opportunity to serve and fulfill his/her responsibilities, his/her ideal is to serve, aid, and heal.

Discipline: A disciplined medium will take his responsibilities seriously and can be counted on for his/her punctuality and preparation for meetings, his/her vigilance and concentration in cooperation with the maintenance of harmonious vibrations during a session, and in his/her devotion to prayer and study.

Good Will and Benevolence: A medium with good will attends a meeting with happiness and satisfaction in the opportunity to work and puts forth full effort during the moments devoted to his/her development. Out of benevolence, this medium will serve everyone that he/she is able to help with the same compassion and good will.

Discretion: A medium who practices with discretion will use his/her faculty to help those in need without making them feel humiliated or shamed, and by keeping for him/herself (i.e. not blabbing about) those person’s situations, no matter how dramatic or interesting a story they’d make for conversation elsewhere.

Discernment: Discernment, acquired through study and attention to good Spirits’ advice, will help the medium to examine various situations and offer wise advice for a sound solution, and it will help in the critical analysis of Spirit communications that should be a regular practice of all mediums and participants of a mediumistic session.

Disinterestedness: Disinterestedness refers to a lack of material interest and is the virtue by which a medium gives for free what he receives for free. The disinterested medium exercises his/her faculty voluntarily for the sole purpose of helping others and seeks no material reward for his/her work. Likewise, he/she does not seek the praise or appreciation of humankind and humbly awaits his/her reward in the kingdom of Heaven.

20- Oh God! How can anyone expect me to become a saint to be a good medium?!?
Learning is a slow, life long process; the point is to strive for a tiny bit of progress every day. The above is the ideal, if we possessed the ability to fulfill such ideals perfectly, we would be with God and not on this earth with our fellow fallible brothers and sisters.

Live your life as best you can and every evening ask yourself, “Have I learned anything today?” “Have I done good today?” “What mistakes have I made today?” Be honest in answering those questions and let the answers be your guide for the next day.

Remember that when you strive to live an ethical life and do good, you are never alone. Spirit friends, teachers and of course God will open doors for you, help you endure the daily trials and become guides that will be with you every day of your life.

21- How does Spiritism fit into my ethical growth and my use of this mediumship gift?
The bases of Spiritism consists of 5 books of spirit teachings put to paper by the French educator Allan Kardec in the 1860s. These books contain detailed explanations for every spirit and mediumistic phenomena, the ethical laws God has established for our spiritual growth, the methodology of life’s daily trials, the different levels of spirit evolution, a rediscovery of the misunderstood ethical truths of the Christian new testament, details of how the universe and Spirits were created and what God has in store for all of us.

Within these 5 basic books, and the latter spiritist teachings you will find the needed instruction, clarification and inspiration for dealing with your gift and the obstacles, trials and temptations you will encounter in our daily life.

22- If I see/hear a spirit claiming to be a family member is it a good or bad spirit?
Just because the spirit looks like a family member does not mean it really is. As mediums we attract spirits with the same virtues and/or faults as our own, and spirits do have the ability to appear in different forms (faces). .

At the same time it is also important to remember that just because a family member has disencarnated, this does not mean that their relationship with you has ended. If that family member truly loved you it is reasonable that they would try to communicate with you and/or through you.

So when confronted by this dilemma, don’t concentrate on the possibility that the spirit is or is not a dead relative, instead the important thing is to judge the spirit based on the criteria needed to identify a good spirit or an ignorant spirit.

23- I have never seen spirits but I have heard them, when awake and asleep. Am I a medium?
Yes, any kind of communication between you and a spirit is mediumship. The particular kind of spirit communication allowed by your mediumship is particular to every individual like a fingerprint. It is not a reflection of greater or lesser mediumship ability or ethical progress.

24- When I was a child I could see spirits but now I can’t, why?
A medium during childhood actually possesses a much deeper connection between the material and spirit world. So it is common for children to experience mediumship phenomena. But as the child ages and reaches pre teen years the same hormonal changes that accompany young adulthood also limit mediumship in many individuals.

If your mediumship is developed enough for spirit communication in your adult years, the ability will show itself again. If it is not, you are not to blame, in your next existence the ability will have evolved enough to return during adulthood.

25- I was tormented as a child by cruel spirits, why? And who were they?
As I said in the last question, for children mediumship phenomena is common. Sometimes the child has developed the ability to block hurtful spirits at that early age, and sometimes it hasn’t. This is why it is important to take child mediums to Spiritist centers for help.

If you had to endure this torment, I feel for you. Consider the experience for what it was, a trial, and try to learn patience, endurance and forgiveness from it.

As to why a spirit would torment you, we are surrounded by spirits of different levels of evolution, and ignorant hurtful spirits enjoy causing harm when the opportunity arises.

26- What is my guardian angel? How can I recognize this angel when it communicates?
A guardian angel is the name sometimes given to your main spirit guide. When a spirit is created and first incarnates on earth, God assigns an evolved spirit to be the guide for the young spirit during its Earthly incarnations. As time passes, the reincarnating spirit develops relationships with other spirits through family bonds. The time can come when a family member who evolves more quickly can choose to take the place of the existing guardian angel.

As for recognizing your guardian angel, you will feel great affinity, and affection for this spirit who will appear to be with you more often than all other spirits you may see. And of course the guardian angel will show the necessary characteristics of an evolved spirit.

27- I don’t even believe in God, how is it that I am a medium?!?
To be a medium you can be of any religion, an atheist, any gender, social status, age, race or be from any country. Mediumship is just a tool, like a talent for music or dance, what you do with the gift is up to you.

Though, it might be wise to reconsider your disbelief in God, spirits and an after-life considering the fact that you can see spirits, the after-life and the consequences of God’s love and justice every day.

28- I can see and hear spirits, how do my 5 senses perceive the spirit communications?
Your 5 senses have nothing to do with your mediumship. Mediumship is its own distinct sense, disconnected from the other 5. You ‘perceive’ spirits with your mind, the information is processed by your brain and the brain interprets the communication as if it were coming from the eyes, ears or other sensory organs. But in fact See, Hear, Taste, Touch and Smell are not involved.

29- Can I die or be severely harmed during a spirit communication?
Yes, you could also die or be severally harmed by driving a car or walking down the street on any given day. Mediumship is a tool that requires great study and discipline by the medium. The medium is exposed to dangers when he/she chooses to arbitrarily allow communication with any spirit and refuses to choose the path of learning and personal ethical progress.

30- I want to be a medium, what do I need to do to learn?
Mediumship is an ability that develops naturally during many life times. It cannot be forced. Now if you have some mediumship ability and wish to improve those abilities, this is possible.

But it might be wise to ask yourself the nature of your intentions for developing your mediumship. If you want to do good with your mediumship, then your spirit guides and teachers will help with the development as they see fit. Trying to force the further development of a mediumship ability opens the doors to cruel, ignorant and hurtful spirits who will exploit your misguided intentions.

31- I am a medium, can I communicate with the spirits of people who are still alive?
Yes of course you can. Every time an incarnated person goes to sleep, their spirit leaves the body and performs needed tasks. It is very possible for a medium to communicate with the spirit of a sleeping, living person.

32- I communicated with the spirit of a famous celebrity, or saint; what does that mean?
Spirits have the ability to take any form (face) they wish. It is most important under these circumstances to judge the spirit on the criteria to determine if he/she is a good or ignorant spirit.

The spirit guides have told us that good spirits will never give their true name if they were famous or well known in a past life. Vanity is not the characteristic of a good spirit; on the contrary, a good spirit wants to be heard based on the merits of their message not on arbitrary things like fame or notoriety. So one should be extremely weary of the intentions of spirits claiming to be famous people.

That said, spirits who appear as saints are a possible exception. Many times good spirits will appear as saints to mediums who do not believe in spirits or the spirit world and are devoutly religious. They do this knowing that appearing in the form of a saint is the only way in which the medium will listen to their message. But again it is still critical to judge the spirit on the criteria to determine if he/she is a good or ignorant spirit

33- A spirit communicated a dire prediction of future events, should I listen?
The spirit teachers tell us that accurate predictions of the future are impossible for two reasons:
First: since any one possessing such knowledge would imply that this person has a quality only supposedly possessed by God.
Second: since this would imply that we do not truly possess the gift of freedom of choice from God.

What spiritism does clarify is that evolved Spirits who understand the details of divine laws, can look at a person’s life, motivations and past decisions and make an educated guess as to the consequences of such choices on a person’s future. But this is in no way foretelling the future, just like having a financial planner tell you the best way to retire at 40, will in no way be an assurance that this will happen.

Like with any other spirit communication the priority should be to judge the spirit on the criteria to determine if he/she is a good or ignorant spirit. If you judge the spirit to be good, then listen to the warning, try to avoid the danger, pray for God’s help during this trial and try to learn from the experience.

34- A spirit told me that someone else wants to hurt me, what should I do?
I’ll say it again, the first priority has to be to judge the spirit on the criteria to determine if he/she is a good or ignorant spirit. Then if you judge the spirit to be good intentioned then take action.

Now what you need to ask, is what the spirit teachers tell us is the most effective way to defend oneself from harm?

Violence brings only more violence in a cycle that will last for countless existences. So if you are forewarned that someone intends to harm you, your first reaction must never be anger or hate. Such emotions will only assure that the violence will take place. Instead we are taught that prayer is an effective tool of defense. Pray that God enlightens and pacifies the person who wants to harm you and that you will endure this trial safely.

35- A spirit told me that if I followed his instructions that I could get a material thing I really want, what should I do?
As I have said before, the first priority needs to be to judge the spirit on the criteria to determine if he/she is a good or ignorant spirit. Though in this circumstance, the spirit has already revealed his ignorant nature with his offer. A spirit who truly wants to help you will not offer you material gain; instead that spirit will offer you ethical guidance and uplift you with knowledge of the beauty of God’s love.

Now if the material thing you want is for example a job, and the instructions given by the spirit are positive ones like prayer and patience then this spirit is giving you good advice.

36- I am a medium and I do not want to be one any more, what do I do?
This is a very difficult question. Mediumship is a natural ability that has evolved in you through many existences. Ideally you could simply not use the ability and move on with your life. But the reality is that mediumship is a 6th sense that cannot be turned off. You can choose to ignore your mediumship and never develop it. But the problem is that by doing so you make yourself vulnerable to hurtful spirits who will exploit your unwillingness to develop the ability to control the spirit communication that is part of your mediumship.

I suggest much prayer, deep soul searching and study of the Spiritism. When you are ready find a Spiritist center near you and ask its leaders for help.