The Tri-State Spiritist Federation invites you to a seminar with Mr. Alírio Cerqueira Filho and Mr. Afro Stefaninin II at the Spiritist Center "Amor e Luz" on Saturday, October 17, 2015 at 10:00 AM.

This event if free but you must register for it. Please visit the Upcoming Events page for more information and registration form.

Ms. Vanessa Godói will present this special lecture at the SGNY location on Thursday, October 29, 2015 at 7:00 PM.

Please visit the Upcoming Events page for more information.

The SGNY has prepared two book packages to bring out the bookworm in you.

Package 1: get 15% discount when you purchase The Spiritist Review, The Spirits’ Book, Missives of Hope, and When Spiritism Speaks.

Package 2: get 10% discount when you purchase The Spiritist Review, The Spirits’ Book, and Missives of Hope.

There is free shipping on both book packages for orders with addresses in the continental US.

The Spiritist Review

Simply add the books to your shopping cart and pay using PayPal. The discount (refund) will be applied after you check out; the adjusted value will then appear on your credit card statement.

The Spiritist Review (1858-1859): all twelve issues of the first and second years of this periodical, spanning from January 1858 to December 1859, translated for the first time into English from the original French edition of Allan Kardec’s work Revue Spirite.

Check the first two volumes of this periodical, which is not only a complement to the studies of The Books of the Codification but also a must-read for all who are dedicated to their spiritist education.

The Spiritist Review

New books available: Recent Additions to our Library

The Spirits’ Book: an extensively revised translation from the French original prepared by the staff of the United States Spiritist Council (USSC).

Missives of Hope: a compilation of messages from Francisco Xavier and several spirits, analyzed by Prof. Herculano Pires and translated from four different Brazilian Portuguese books.

When Spiritism Speaks: current and polemic topics analyzed through the lens of the Spiritist Doctrine by Therezinha Oliveira.

Take a minute to look at the new books, available for purchase from our web site, or visit our Book Catalog page for a full list of the titles we recommend for spiritist studies.

As we move our spiritist studies on Thursdays to the new edition of The Spirits’ Book, and we finish the book Disobsession, we suggest that you consider donating your old books or old editions.

If you would like to donate your book, we are collecting copies of older editions of the Books of the Codification, in particular, as well as any other books used in our studies at the SGNY.

Charity is the manifestation of the universal love; it is everywhere and in every form, including education. Help bring the light of Spiritism to others.

Book Donation

Lectures and Presentations: 2015 Tri-State Events

The Tri-State Spiritist Federation welcomes you, family and friends to a series of presentations by invited speakers including Al&iacuterio Cerqueira Filho, Divaldo Pereira Franco, Haroldo Dutra Dias, Juselma Coelho and several others, all renowned spiritist lecturers.


Join us with great enthusiasm for this spiritual program of knowledge, faith, and love.


Visit the Upcoming Events page for more information or access directly the Tri-State Spiritist Federation website.