Diary of a Drug Addict

Diary of a Drug Addict

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This book tells the story of the spirit André K., who in 1995 was given permission to tell his story after undergoing years of recovery treatment in the spiritual realm, which included participating in a weekly seance meeting held by a group of incarnate mediums. In this group, through the medium Maria Gorete Newton, he described his tragic death by drug overdose, which took place in 1975 while he was still a teenager living in Zurich, Switzerland. It is a richly descriptive narrative for parents, children and society, offering a glimpse of the afterlife consequences resulting from drug use.

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Bibliographic Information
Title: Diary of a Drug Addict
Author(s): Gorete Newton and André K. (spirit)
Language: English
Source: Translated material from the original Brazilian Portuguese edition
Translation: Frederico Gouveia
Revision: Donald Gray-Raus
Editing: Edith Burkhard
Publisher: United States Spiritist Federation (USSF)
Publication Date: May 13, 2013 (1st edition)
Number of pages: 88
ISBN(10): 0-615328-97-0
ISBN(13): 978-0-615328-97-3
Book size (W×H×T): 5½" × 8½" × ⅛" (14.0cm × 21.6cm × 0.3cm)
Print type: Black font on white background
Book format(s): Paperback
Original Material
Title: Diário de um Drogado
Publisher: EBM Editora/Lichtverlag
Location: Santo André – SP, Brazil
Publication Date: 1995
Language: Brazilian Portuguese