Other than the study of the Codification, the Spiritism Guide & the Mediumship Guide, the pdf files on this page are also great teaching and learning materials.

SGNY’s Mediumship Course PDFs:

Part 1
Part 2

part 1A
part 1B
part 2

General Study

Forgiveness – The Consoler – Emmanuel / FCX
The Apostles
Introduction to Spiritist Literature
Formation of Small Groups of Study


Mediumship Education I
Mediumship Education II
Mediumship Education III
Mediumship Education IV


What Was The Real Face of Jesus?
North Americans and Spiritism
Spiritism: Science, Philosophy and Religion
Spiritism – Basic Knowledge
Religious Leaders Present Commitment to Global Peace to UN Secretary-General at Historic Religious Summit
Gestalt and the Spiritist Doctrine

Preparation of Workers and Spiritist Activities

Preparation of Workers – International Spiritist Council
Translated by: Spiritist Alliance for Books
Electronic version prepared by: Spiritist Alliance for Books

Gospel at Home

The Gospel in the Home – Allan Kardec Spiritst Group – UK