A Primer on Being Good

A Primer on Being Good

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The Spirit Meimei explains in simple language, appropriate for children, two paths in life: the path of good and the path of evil. God has granted us the freedom to choose either one. The book depicts the use of hands to do good, promote happiness, make friends, help people, and work so that the world may be a better place.

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Bibliographic Information
Title: A Primer on Being Good
Author(s): Francisco Xavier and Meimei (spirit)
Language: English
Source: Translated material from the original Brazilian Portuguese edition
Publication Date: (1st edition)
Number of pages: 32
Book size (W×H×T): W½" × H¼" × T½" (0.0cm × 0.0cm × 0.0cm)
Print type: Black font on white background
Book format(s): Paperback
Original Material
Title: Cartilha do Bem
Publisher: Federação Espírita Brasileira (FEB)
Location: Brasília – DF, Brazil
Publication Date: 1962
Language: Brazilian Portuguese