In the dictionary medium is defined as:

1. An intervening substance through which something else is transmitted or carried on.
2. An agency by which something is accomplished, conveyed, or transferred.
3. A filtering substance, such as filter paper.

In spiritism, a medium is defined as a person who through their ‘6th sense’ is aware of and can communicate with the spirit dimensions of the universe.

This individual though this other sense, is aware of a larger part of the universe than other individuals who do not have this sense developed.

The way in which this 6th sense expresses itself, and the nature of the communication that exists through this sense is widely varied. More about this variety will be dealt with latter in this guide.

Possession of this ability to become an intermediary between two dimensions (the physical and spiritual) just means that the ability has naturally developed to the point that the medium can become aware of the phenomena, and can develop the ability further. All the associations made between mediums and a high levels of ethical, intellectual evolution are mistaken. Mediumship is as with any other natural ability like music or poetry, it is in way a reflection of superiority.

Why a medium?:

Mediumship as an aspect of every persons evolution has a variety of important reasons for being:

Learning- it is an important tool for learning, amplifying the mediums virtues and vices. Giving the medium an opportunity to learn from this new awareness of God, the Spirit and the spirit world. And to learn from all that comes with developing, and practicing the gift.

Expiation- it gives the medium a unique opportunity to pay off past debts. If the medium chooses to use their ability to do good then the expiation is two fold. First because of the self sacrifice and overcoming of temptation needed to make such a choice, and second from the constant works of charity performed when the gift is used to help others.

Revelation- the gift is a precious instrument for revealing to people the truths about God, the immortality of the soul, God’s laws, the existence of the spirit world and the after life.

Information- mediumship can and has provided a conduit for thousands of books on all aspects of life in the physical and spirit world. It also provides information directly from Spirits to individuals who need this guidance.

Healing- through a medium Spirits can provide healing energy and cures to countless needy individuals.


As said before, this 6th sense is more developed in some individuals than others. None the less the sense exists naturally within all incarnated spirits in different states of development. It is for this reason that Spiritism teaches that ‘we are all mediums’ since our capacity to become aware of and communicate with these other dimensions is in the process of development.

Another relevant factor which is touched upon within Spiritism is that of sleep. When an incarnated spirit (human) sleeps the spirit is able to separate itself from the material body and again interact directly with the Spirit world. Upon awaking the incarnated spirit remains aware of the experience to a very limited extent. For this nightly interaction with other dimensions too does Spiritisim say that we are all mediums.