Conception of God

Conception of God

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In the present book, Prof. Herculano Pires writes about the impossibility to conceive nothingness, and the logic of God’s existence. In the words of Prof. Pires, when we apply the good sense in accordance with our finite and ephemeral modesty as creatures, before the Infinite and Eternity, we can reduce the unlimited to the limits of the intelligible reality. Then the deductive reasoning, of scientific order, which comes from the evident existence towards the accessible heights, little by little, points out a reality that we can comprehend. God as Existent, who exists in our human reality, can be touched with our fingers, and also realized, recognized by our ordinary senses. We do not need extra-sensorial perceptions to perceive His existence. But God as Existent is the Father who Jesus introduces in rational terms, in order to guide and aid us, constantly inviting humanity to His kingdom of harmony and beauty.

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