Before exploring mediumship in depth the subject of creation and evolution of Spirits needs to be explained. Below is an extremely brief outline of a process discussed in detail in “special Spiritist topics’ section of this guide.

God creates a Spirit by uniting a ‘soul’ (intelligent individual element) with the semi-material perispirit. Once created the Spirit is simple and unaware, but even then already endowed with several instinctive understandings critical to its future. The first is a rudimentary understanding of its creator; it understands that one divine creator does exist and that it is the progeny of this creator. Second, the ability to communicate with its creator through prayer and seek guidance from God. Third, an understanding of right and wrong in its most simplistic terms.

The fledgling spirit is accompanied by an older more evolved ‘spirit guide’ (guardian angel) to the planet that will be it’s temporary home. Remember that all this is happening within the spirit world since the new spirit has yet to take on a physical body. The spirit begins to absorb differing kinds of energies through its perispirit from the planet that its guide has chosen. The spirit absorbs mineral, then vegetable and then animal energies through its perispirit, until it becomes ready to incarnate in human forms per the Law Of Progress. From this point forward the Spirit has reached self-awareness and bound to the more complex devine laws that govern spirit evolution, including the Law of Cause and Effect and Law of Free Will.

The first, Law Of Progress, states that there is a specific path of intellectual and ethical progress in place from God for all intelligent beings and all things in nature to evolve; and that this process can only go forward, or become stagnant, but never retrocede. The second refers to the fact that every action has an equal reaction based on the nature of the action and the intent behind the action. The third states that all intelligent beings that have gained self-awareness are endowed with free will. They can choose whatever path in life they feel inclined toward. Though they instinctively possess the knowledge that their actions will have consequences, and that eventually their lives will be molded by these consequences.

Every time a spirit reincarnates from this point forward it begins to gain both intellectual and ethical knowledge. Each lesson is slow and most spirits have affinity toward one form of knowledge over the other. In order to spur on its evolution, the spirit chooses earthly trials, physical limitations and opportunities to make up for the harm it has done to others.

In between reincarnations Spirits return to the Spirit world, specifically a dimension whose characteristics and fellow inhabitants are directly reflecting the virtues and imperfections of the spirit now living there.

After countless reincarnations the Spirit has learned all it can by inhabiting material bodies and has reached a high state of evolution. As a consequence of this evolution its perispirit is now much less semi-material and the ability to use the perispirit to act upon the material world severely dwindles

The evolved Spirit is then given the option of becoming a governor of another planet where newly created spirits are being taken. The spirit then becomes the chief caretaker and guardian of this world and all the evolving spirits of that world.

Eventually that planet is no longer useful for spirit incarnation; all material life on the planet dies out. The governor spirits’ task has been fulfilled.

This Spirit has now evolved to the point when it is assigned even bigger tasks by God.

The exact details of Spirit evolution beyond this point have never been fully revealed because the limitations of human language preclude an accurate explanation by the spirit teachers. The following is what the spirit teachers have volunteered: The time comes when the spirit has evolved to a point when it can perceive God in God’s true form and the fully evolved spirit now again return to it’s creator.