Spiritism: A Detailed Guide

An ever expanding guide to many aspects of Spiritism, for the curious and the student alike. We have also structured much of the other sections of this website for easier access as part of the guide. Click on one of the buttons below to go to a particular section.

Spiritism: A History

Spiritism: The Fundamentals

Spiritism: Outline of the Spirits’ Teachings

Spiritism: Precepts from the Spirits’ Teachings

Spiritism: The Codification and Its Study

Spiritism: Special Topics In-depth

Spiritism: The Spiritist Movement

Spiritism: Mediumship – Questions and Answers

Spiritism: Mediumship – A Basic Guide

Spiritism: Myths and Misconceptions

Spiritism: Spiritist Centers – A Guide

Spiritism: Further Study Materials

Spiritism: Biographies of Renowned Spiritists

Spiritism: Spirit Comments on Important Topics

Spiritism: Glossary of Often Used Terms