Chico Xavier: Medium of the Century

Chico Xavier:
Medium of the Century

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The name of Francisco Cândido ("Chico") Xavier (1910–2002) is already a legend in his native country of Brazil; yet, he remains almost unknown in the English-speaking world. In this book, Guy Lyon Playfair tells the extraordinary story of how a poorly educated man from a very modest background rose to become a national hero while refusing any payment other than the wages he earned as a government employee. He also discusses Chico’s phenomenal literary output of more than 450 books and the countless message he received that provide some of the most compelling evidence yet recorded for survival after death.

About the Author(s)

Guy Lyon Playfair was born in India and educated in England. After graduating from Cambridge University, he moved to Brazil where he worked as a freelance journalist for The Economist, Time, and the Associate Press. He also spent four years in the press section of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

In his first two books, The Flying Cow (1975) and The Indefinite Boundary (1976), Playfair described his investigations of such unusual phenomena as poltergeist, psychic surgery and reincarnation as a member of the research institute founded by Brazil’s pioneer parapsychologist, Hernani Giumarães Andrade. He also described his meeting with Francisco Xavier in 1973 which led to the first detailed account of the medium’s life and work to appear in English, which has been expanded and updated in the present book.

His most recent book is Twin Telepathy (2008). He lives in London and is a council member of the Society for Psychical Research.

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