Mediumship is a natural ability in all intelligent beings that develops slowly over countless existences and independently of intellectual and ethical evolution of the medium.

When mediumship ability within any individual reaches a level of evolution in which phenomena of some kind will show itself, that person is then offcialy called ‘a medium’.

When mediumship shows itself within an incarnation it usually takes a process that can be divided into three main stages:

(From “We Are All Mediums” by Olidion Fernandes chapter 3)

The Manifestation Stage: When the first indications of mediumship appear, it might bring some physical and spiritual discomfort. This can lead to many sensitive mediums going to see a doctor, believing themselves to be suffering from physical and emotional disorders, such as palpitation, visual and hearing problems, nightmares, inexplicable anxieties…

It is always advisable to see a doctor as we cannot blame everything on mediumship. However, once confirmed that there is no real health disorder then it is necessary to find a spiritist group, in order to re-balance the psychic strengths.

There is no need in rushing to take part in a mediumship meeting, nor for the spiritist director to precipitate that. After two or three months, as the medium feels more confident exercising a better self-control, then he can progress one step forward…

The Development Stage: In this stage the medium should devote himself in all senses, so becoming able to be utilized by the spirits in the productive phase.

Once past the initial moments of excitement, the novice medium realizes that his/her mediumship is in a kind of routine, where the results observed are slow and the tendency of the medium is to be discouraged… This is the moment to persevere and keep a strong commitment.

After the initial impetus, mediumship can become a little tedious. At this point, the medium believes that his/her abilities have stagnated…This could be quite a long period (for years) , and it is a test to the medium.

The appearance of mediumship takes place quickly. However, its development, with the necessary education of the medium, is a task of patience. Many promising mediums become inconsistent, as they rush to get results quickly.

The Productive Stage: In a productive phase we understand that this is where the medium, who is much more secure about his/her mediumship, does not vacillate. Thus, he/she now works as an interpreter of the spirits, being enlightened by messages from the mentors, or by spiritual communications, revealing the suffering of the communicating spirits. From all these communications and messages, it will always be possible to us to learn about Life and the Laws which govern it. The phase that we call the development one could last many years. It depends on the level of assiduity of the medium, his/her dedication, his/her love for the work, discipline, perseverance…

If the Superior Spirits realize that the medium is well intentioned, then the development phase can be diminished. At that time, the Superior Spirits will approach him/her, supporting his/her efforts, working with him/her in the Spiritual World when his/her spirit disengages from his/her physical body by the action of sleep and, in short, they will organize intensively his/her faculties.