Jesus in Our Days

Jesus in Our Days

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This book is part of the Joanna de Ângelis Collection: The Psychology Series, book I.


Jesus’ examples continue to amaze even the most skeptical scholars of current times regarding the ever complex and challenging human problems.

With a profound understanding of the human psyche, Jesus confidently probed the innermost recesses of the individual and discovered the real causes of the afflictions that the unconscious mind tries to hide.

By means of more time-consuming processes, Depth Psychology has arrived at the same results that He achieved so easily over two thousand years ago.

While unbridled ambition drives people to paroxysm and the illusion of possessions, fame, glory, and blind competition, Jesus fully resurfaces jovial and friendly in the human consciousness, beatified by His humanitarian nature and self-confidence.

The present desperately needs and uncrucified Jesus, a companion and therapist offering emergency assistance to stop us from going over the edge.

With such pressing issue in mind, the Venerable Benefactress addresses in this magnificent little book twenty situations that trouble our current society. She looks for answers in Jesus’ therapy, the results of which are health, peace and happiness as experiences that men and women do not yet enjoy whether individually or collectively.

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