The Big Enigma: God and the Universe

The Big Enigma: God and the Universe

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Perhaps the most personal and metaphysical of Léon Denis’ many books, The Big Enigma often reaches sublimity in unforgettable passages that are definitely not from this world. Deeply moving and quite formidable thoughts succeed one another endlessly, leaving the reader in awe as a result of the author’s absolute certainty and conviction. There is a ring of sterling truth in all the philosophical and spiritual teachings of this brilliant thinker, who matured over the years throughout his long and difficult life.

This is an inspired book, which can nurture the reader’s mind and soul with genuine greatness and knowledge: in essence, a life changer.

Denis pays tribute to his Celtic and Gallic ancestors, letting his text flow with abandon, thus showing that perhaps the biggest enigma of all was actually himself, as both a thinker and a writer, in the light of Spiritism.

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