Our Children Are Spirits

Our Children Are Spirits

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This book proposes a challenge. It questions the traditional thinking about how children come to be. Most of us take for granted that our babies are entirely created by ourselves, mom and dad. Yet parents only offer the baby genetic conditions to construct physical bodies they need to live for however long, in this world of ours. Further, it is widely believed that each baby comes with a brand new soul or spirit created for that specific body. That is not the case however. Each and every baby comes with a past. Are you ready to face this challenge?

About the Author(s)

Hermínio Côrrea de Miranda was born on January 5, 1920 in Volta Redonda, RJ, a small town a hundred miles from Rio de Janeiro, capital of the state with the same name. He joined Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional (the Brazilian National Steel Company), the foremost steel making industry, on March 11, 1942. In 1947 he graduated in Accounting. From 1950 to 1954 he was ­assigned to the position of Chief Accountant in the branch office the company held in New York City. Back to Brazil, he was transferred in December 1956 to the main office in the city of Rio de Janeiro. From 1958 until 1980, when he retired at sixty years of age, the company progressively promoted him to the highest ranking executive levels up to the Chief Executive Officer in the Accounting and Financial areas. In 1958 he began to write articles regularly about Spiritism. His first book was launched in 1976 by Federação Espírita Brasileira (the Brazilian Spiritist Federation). He has more than forty printed books in addition to a couple of translations from English and French.

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Title: Nossos Filhos São Espíritos
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