Planetary Transition

Planetary Transition

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All rooms in the great mansion of Our Father are inhabited and they are progressing towards the plenitude that awaits all of us, His children. But since the Creator is constantly at work, the many orbs in the universe are not all at the same level of moral and intellectual development. And so it is with planet Earth, which is now moving through a transitional phase by means of which it will cease to be a world of trials and expiation to become one of regeneration, where good will prevail over evil. It is important for us human beings to understand that this transition is not a physical one, but a consequence of our own moral and intellectual progress. Neither is the transition to be effected overnight or within a few days; rather, it has already begun and it is occurring all around us in a gradual and ever-improving manner. This change is the very collective desire for improvement in every sector of human society and our lives. As we, the spirits who inhabit this planet, improve ourselves, we contribute to pull this event ever so forward, making it unstoppable.

There are some spirits, however, who do not understand this progressive movement and act against it out of ignorance. As the world and life progress, these spirits, be they incarnate or discarnate beings, become more recalcitrant and defiant to everything that is happening around them, and in this behaviour they set themselves apart so much from the mainstream progress that they perceive the new world being built today as a threatening environment for them.

Our Father, however, is all mercy and understanding. It is a divine decree that all His children shall rise to plenitude. Hence, these recalcitrant spirits will continue their journey towards their improvement in other worlds, where they will find the conditions to integrate themselves in the societies therein. As our world gradually becomes one of regeneration, more and more of these ignorant brothers and sisters will leave us to inhabit other orbs in the great mansion of Our Father. They are leaving us through the death of their physical bodies and their future reincarnations on other orbs.

This book discusses the transition period and the repercussions of our actions and thoughts for this process. It also shows the importance of mutual understanding and integration of different sectors of the human population, especially when facing tragedies such as the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004, when so many had their journey in the physical realm cut short. Why so many deaths in a single event? Why did it happen? These and many other questions populate our minds and leave us in shock and perturbation. This extraordinary book comes to our rescue at times like this, showing to all of us the important of our working together as humankind, no longer as a nationality or a single religious belief. The book reiterates our desire to be as one family, to see the other as a fellow being, and to place rational faith in the divine works, whose intention is always our progress towards the Creator of all things.

Let your heart be filled with the touching scenes narrated in this book, which were extracted from real rescue situations. And perchance our sensitivities will improve beyond the need of having tragedies or the temporary separation of recalcitrant spirits in order to move us to work as brothers and sisters in a world that was created for one large family.

About the Author(s)

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Manoel Philomeno de Miranda was born on November 14, 1876 in the city of Conde, Bahia, Brazil and died on July 14, 1942 in Salvador, capital of the same state. He graduated from medical school and worked as a physician. He was introduced to Spiritism in 1914 by the medium Saturnino Fávila and later became a member of União Espírita Baiana (Spiritist Union of Bahia), now Federação Espírita do Estado da Bahia (UEB) ("Spiritist Federation of the State of Bahia"), which was founded in 1915. He worked as a coordinator at mediumistic meetings and was an active member on the board of directors of UEB from 1921 until his death in 1942. Under a pseudonym, he published many works in defense of the Spiritist Doctrine. In 1950, eight years after his death, the Brazilian medium Francisco Xavier psychographed a message signed by Manoel Philomeno de Miranda to another Brazilian medium, Divaldo Franco. However, it was not until 1970 that the spirit of Manoel Philomeno de Miranda would start dictating public works by the hand of the medium Divaldo Franco, particularly in the area of disobsession, on which he had worked during his physical life. This partnership brought several works to the public, especially on the theme of obsession, which focused on broadening our understanding of the topic and provided support for other mediumistic works developed at many other spiritist centers in Brazil.

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