Mediumship can show itself within an individual of any age; in fact mediumship in children is not uncommon. As said in the section about Spirit Evolution in the Special Topic section, when a spirit reaches the time to start incarnating in human physical forms the needed connection between the spirit and body begins long before birth. When birth occurs the child who possesses mediumship abilities maintains that strong connection to the spirit world. Up to the age of 9 it is common for these children to experience various type of mediumistic phenomena.

Unfortunately if the child does not possess the development to control the phenomena, it is not uncommon for the child to be ‘tormented’ by spirits of lesser evolution who take pleasure in such terrible behavior. Parents with a child in these circumstances should educate themselves in the basics of Spiritism and take this child to a legitimate Spiritist Center for guidance and help.

Once the pre-teen years begin, the very hormonal changes in the child that accompany young adulthood will most likely bring the mediumship phenomena to an end. Only those mediums whose ability is very advanced will see their ability continue for their entire lives.


(From We Are All Mediums, Olidion Fernandes, chapter 3)

“Nearly always, at the beginning of the mediumship development, the medium gets enthusiastic, coming to believe that he/she is a missionary from the Spiritual World, incarnated on Earth.

This enthusiasm is in a way necessary, so that the medium stimulates himself/herself to work and improve his mediumistic gifts. However, everything which is excessive is self defeating…

The medium should know that there is a big gulf between a mediumship service, available to any medium, and those who are born having mediumship as a mission. Rare are those mediums who are born with a specific mission in the field of mediumship. Even rarer are those amongst these, who carry out their mission in total, matching the expectations of the Superior Spirits.”

Before the reincarnation in which the first phenomena corresponding to developed mediumship, the spirit comes to an agreement with their spirit guides and friends that together positive work will be done through this mediumship. If the Spirit about to reincarnate has reached a particular level of ethical evolution higher spirits may agree to use this medium for more important work.

Of course no positive work, from the most basic to the most advanced, can come from mediumship unless the medium prepares oneself with study, unselfish determination and vigilance.