Mediumship: All You Need to Know

Mediumship: All You Need to Know

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All humans have sensitivities that make the perception of spiritual influences possible.

The author of this book shares his rich and fulfilling lifelong experience with mediumistic phenomena. He expounds wisely on the mediumistic faculties such as that of seeing, healing, channeling and others that are inherent to a medium’s life.

The book provides valuable information on how to master mediumship and how to preclude it from disrupting normal acitvities in one’s life as it usually happens. The knowledge in this book empowers mediums to embrace their calling, use mediumship appropriately and safely, and to live a healthier and more meaningful life.


About the Author(s)

Richard Simonetti was born in the city of Bauru, state of São Paulo, Brazil on October 10, 1935 and passed away on October 3, 2018. He comes from a spiritist family and started participating in the Spiritist movement very early in his life. He worked at Centro Espírita Amor e Caridade–CEAC (Love and Charity Spiritist Center). He was the first to voice the intention of developing a spiritist book club and was a prolific writer of articles for spiritist newspapers and magazines, especially O Reformador (The Reformer), Revista Internacional de Espiritismo (The International Spiritist Magazine) and Página Espírita (The Spiritist Page).


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