Spiritist Materials

Here is a catalog of spiritist materials in English available for purchase.

Purchases may be effected at the SGNY location or online through a safe and secure transaction via PayPal.com using a credit card.


Published Books

Books authored by Allan Kardec:

The books of the Spiritist Codification

Other books by Allan Kardec

Books authored by Divaldo Pereira Franco:

The Joanna de Ângelis Collection

The Psychology Collection

Divaldo Franco and other spiritual authors

Books authored by Francisco Cândido Xavier:

The André Luiz Collection

The Emmanuel Collection

Francisco Xavier and other spiritual authors

Books authored by Léon Denis

Books authored by Other Authors (no particular collections):

Gorete Newton

Hermínio C. Miranda

José Herculano Pires

Jussara Korngold

Laura Bergallo

Oceano Vieira de Melo

Wallace Leal V. Rodrigues

Yvonne A. Pereira

Books published by the Spiritist Alliance for Books (SAB)


Published Videos

Videos from Francisco Cândido Xavier:

The TV Program "Pinga Fogo"