Fifty Years Later

Fifty Years Later

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Emmanuel tells a story that is linked to Christianity in the second century. In this novel, some characters of the novel Two Thousand Years Ago return to their earthly journey as a result of the law of cause and effect.

One of the central characters of that book, the Senator Publius Lentulus, appears in this sequel reincarnated as Nestorius, a slave.

In his return to Earth, this slave embraces a more humble stance, one that his proud heart had oppressed in his previous life. God’s mercy allows him to redeem all his excesses and arbitrary acts of the past, when, invested by public power, he vainly thought he held all rights and supremacy in his hands.

However, this book’s main character is, in fact, a woman, named Célia, whose sublime heroism was a beacon on the path of several disheartened and suffering spirits, as Emmanuel describes. Celia understood and lived Jesus’ teachings throughout her pain-filled existence.

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