Hail, Christ!

Hail, Christ!

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Hail, Christ! Those who will live forever glorify and salute you!

The partnership between the medium Franciso Cândido Xavier and the spirit Emmanuel reveal the story of Quintus Varrus and Tacianus, two souls connected by many reincarnations, and who meet each other once again in the third century of Christianity in a region controlled by the Roman Empire. As an example of simplicity, trust, and love, the pioneers of the Good News devoted themselves to serving Christ, having as their sustenance only their powerful and unshakable faith. This is a moving story that shows how much true love can accomplish in its manifestations of solidarity on behalf of human individuals.

About the Author(s)

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Bibliographic Information
Title: Hail, Christ!
Author(s): Francisco Xavier and Emmanuel (spirit)
Language: English
Source: Translated material from the original Brazilian Portuguese edition
Translation: Amy Duncan, Darrell Kimble, and Márcia M. Saiz
Publisher: Federação Espírita Brasileira (FEB)/International Spiritist Council (ISC)
Location: Brasília – DF, Brazil
Publication Date: January 1, 2013 (1st edition)
Number of pages: 372
ISBN(10): 85-7945-521-9
ISBN(13): 978-85-7945-521-6
Book size (W×H×T): 5½" × 8½" × 1⅞" (14.0cm × 21.6cm × 4.8cm)
Print type: Black font on light tan background
Book format(s): Paperback
Original Material
Title: Ave Cristo!
Publisher: Federação Espírita Brasileira (FEB)
Location: Brasília – DF, Brazil
Publication Date: 1953
Language: Brazilian Portuguese