On the Way to the Light

On the Way to the Light

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Those who are trying to understand our world and its origins will find the answers in this book.

In this notable work of historic synthesis, the spiritual author highlights the most relevant events, situations, and individuals who significantly contributed to the progress of humanity throughout time by analyzing the missions of spirits such as Krishna, Buddha, Plato, Muhammad, the Hebrew Prophets, the Apostles, Paul of Tarsus, St. Francis of Assisi, Luther, and Allan Kardec.

The book narrates the history of civilization from a Spiritist perspective, showing the true position of the Gospel of Christ in the light of Earth’s religions and philosophies. It addresses the first inhabitants of the Earth, touching on the historical pages of peoples, great empires, and the changes that followed one another.

In this book Emmanuel shows us that we are all on our way to the light by divine determinism!

About the Author(s)

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