“Spirits may be defined as the intelligent beings of the creation. They constitute the population of the universe, in contradistinction to the forms of the material world.” (The Spirits Book question 79)

A spirit is created by God when two elements are united, the soul and the perispirit. The soul is the element of individuality (the part of us that comes from God) while the perispirit is the semi material part of the spirit that can be altered to perform tasks.

Each one of us is a Spirit, our material bodies exist as extensions of our true spirit selves. Just like a diver uses a wet suit to spend long periods under water.

That means a human being is composed of 3 distinct parts, the soul, the perispirit (both of which together compose a spirit ) and the material body.

When a Medium or anyone sees a Spirit what they are in fact seeing is it’s perispirit. A Spirit possess the ability to change its appearance by modifying this perispirit, though under most circumstances a Spirit will retain the appearance of its last incarnation.

The luminescence associated with Spirit sightings actually comes from the perispirit, and this level of luminescence corresponds to its level of evolution. Less evolved Spirits have perispirits that are much more semi-material than more evolved Spirits so they have less luminescence.. Also spirits of lower orders tend to show dark spots on their perispirit, corresponding to debts owed by the Spirit because of its lacking in intellectual and ethical learning. These spots are not a form of branding, but actually brought on by the spirit itself instinctively, the same way an ill person appears gaunt and weakened.

Angels and Demons

The concepts of Angels : benevolent celestial being that acts as an intermediary between heaven and earth
and Demons: An evil supernatural being; a devil.
Both have even before their accepted definitions within the three major western religions Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Angels are part of a complex mythology in which they were divided by their jealousy of God’s love of humans. Eventually God’s favorite angel was cast out of heaven and became Satan.

Demons was originally simply the term used to describe any enlightened being of great intellect, it was only Christian dogma that redefined the term to mean an evil servant of Satan.

Spiritism reveals to us that neither Angels nor Demons exist. In ancient times mediums would see illuminated evolved spirit guides and eventually they were called Angels. While low level ignorant spirits appeared in frightening, disturbing forms, and eventually were given the name demons.